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MoSKito-WebUI is MoSKito's web-based interface.

It is a tool for viewing and analysing the performance data of your application, collected by MoSKito-Core, in your browser.


MoSKito WebUI is an embedded web-based user interface which allows you to inspect the monitoring data, collected by MoSKito, in real time on a single machine/web server.

MoSKito WebUI was based on Struts 1.x, but is now re-designed to be embedded into other applications without struts ballast. 
MoSKito WebUI uses an in-house miniature action mapping framework called ano-maf, a set of actions and JSP's and some very basic tags.

MoSKito WebUI is useful for small sites, consisting of one-two servers, or for inspecting a special server.


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