MoSKito Control is a tool for monitoring performance of multi-node web applications.

MoSKito Control is a standalone web-based real-time performance monitoring tool, specially designed for watching multi-node apps. It is extremely flexible, easy to set up and does not take much system resources.

Presenting "a bird's eye view" of the monitored applications, it gives a clear picture of the app's health for both Developers and Managers, predicting any possible or upcoming problem.

How It Works

MoSKito Control consists of two parts:

  1. The agent, which is installed into the target (monitored) application, 
  2. MoSKito Control WebApp.

Agents collect the performance info and send it to the WebApp via HTTP protocol. WebApp receives the data, handles it and displays the processed info through its own user interface.

Guides and Manuals

  1. MoSKito Control Quick Setup Guide describes how to connect MoSKito Control with your application: install agents and configure Control WebApp itself.
  2. MoSKito Control WebApp User Manual is a guide to the WebApp's user interface.

History and Current State

Originally developed as Healthcheck Monitor for the PARSHIP GmbH, it has been contributed back to MoSKito codebase by PARSHIP. 

Right now, MoSKito Control is at the stage of intensive development, with the current version 0.2.
However, MoSKito Control will be located as additional module, out of the MoSKito primary code base on anotheria GitHub account

The preview image below shows the current look of the app.

Additional Technical References

The Screens display the following info, related to the monitored apps:

  1. status of the key parameters (based on available thresholds),
  2. accumulated performance statistics in the form of charts (based on available accumulators),
  3. the last 5-minute snapshot from all available producers.