Maven? Maven!

Yes, finally we are on maven. Its not that we are 'maven'-ized or maven-fans, but it seems that the whole opensource community went crazy about maven.
However, we got a nexus repository and a pom. Enjoy (wink);quick~configureme

Good to have a designer ob board (wink)

Finally 98% and more

The unit-test coverage is finally high enough for me to stop. Even to rich this value I had to test for impossible things and started to seriously hate EclEmma. But more is really impossible. Well 98% is good enough for me (smile)

I hope I will never do things like that again:

	@Test public void testSingleton(){
		assertEquals("Only one instance allowed", 1, ConfigurationManager.values().length);
		assertSame(ConfigurationManager.INSTANCE, ConfigurationManager.valueOf("INSTANCE"));

Well, on the other hand... it has been fun (smile)

Request for Graduation

Yes, I filled out the ticket in java-tools incubator...

RC1 is out there

ConfigureMe Release Candidate 1 is published