Accordingly to requirements (check them out), AnoSiteGenerator have new pretty UserManagement as part of application now, so users.xml is no more useful.

I've integrated all changes in bootcamp branches to trunks of: ano-docano-doc-parentano-doc-pluginano-site, - all of them have 2.3.4-SNAPSHOT version now. Thus, while Nexus doesn't know about new versions of this projects, You may need to checkout and install them to your local Maven's repository.

Example project can be found here.

UserManagement service, users document:


UserManagement service, roles document:


All of the requirements have been considerded, even little more.

Page for adding new user by administrator:

User roles edit page:


First login to ASG with administrator's privileges can be performed with admin:admin.

Login page:


And user may want to change his password given him by admin.

Change password page:

Less versioning troubles

following projects have been upgraded to a new version, thus being 2.3.0:




Next development version is 2.3.1 for all of the above projects. 

The new versions now depends on moskito 1.3.x, ano-maf 1.2.x and therefore support new moskito features as well as the new multi filter integration in ano-maf.