Request For Feature

This page contains requests for features issued by customers. They are not yet scheduled for production or even decided to be applied.



  • Delete Image in CMS should delete the file on the FileSystem as well (CDATE).
  • Implement bulk uploading for images and files with setting default required field automatically.
  • Please make possible usage of special symbols in search  { }. (First of all  in current implementation we can't search for special symbols like { }. But  this symbols  describes VariableUtils (Text utils) syntax, which is used for dynamic text replacement in "many places" (static html, some mail templates - etc).).
  • Please review current implementation and make possible search some part of 1 word without using "*". (when we trying to find content like "someone.anotheria" which is actually part of some other string  (email for example we  will not find it  without  "", so search query will looks like "someone.anotheria").
  • Please make possible search on multiple modules @ one time (for example I'd like to search for some text in Box-doc types and in Mail-Templates at same time).
  • We can't insert html "<textarea></textare>" in CMS edit box.
  • html symbols like "& « etc" converts from html code to symbol in CMS
Prototype: move to generator
  • Mark as favorite (Show on top)
  • Add/Edit document in modal window (ajax)
  • Expandable textareas
  • Hotkeys
  • Hide/Show main navigation
  • Auto-collapse scroll navigation
  • Grag'n'drop-able sort box order
  • Tooltips (on hover)
  • In the QuickAdd-field for items, there should be a trim-functionality that you could also insert comma-separated values containing spaces...

ContentPageServlet (CPS)

  • BoxHandlers should calculate a hash value over the data they gather in process. The sum of those (partial) hashes should be collected at the end of the process step. This sum forms the ETAG of the page. If the ETAG don't change compared to the ETAG sent by the browser, they page render step can be skipped, instead a 304 Not Modified can be returned. The whole behavior should be configurable (CDATE).
  • Workflow optimization: resolving box content variables AFTER calling box handler so handler is able to prepare data for that.
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