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How to get



For latest and generally available versions please check;quick~ano-prise.



To build ano-prise from scratch you have to perform following steps:

Please note, you will see following message for a longer period of time:

      [svn] <Checkout> started ...

This command will checkout ivy-managed dependencies from our svn. Since there are many, it can take a while.

If you want to execute all tests and checks:

  • ant nightly
  • ant oncommit.

The later are also useful as hudson targets.

ano-prise is built with buildsystem.


SVN: ano-prise/trunk/ivy.xml

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def data = new URL('').getText()
println '

' + data + '



The project contains a .project and a .classpath for eclipse, and a Ano-prise.iml for IDEA. It requires ant 1.7.x for building.

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