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 getscalls to get() method.  GAmount 
missedGetsgets that returned nullmGAmount 
putscalls to put() methodPAmount 
overwritePutscalls to put() methods that overwrote an existing valueoPAmount 
removescalls to remove() methodRMAmount 
noopRemovescalls to remove() method that had no effect (no element there)noRMAmount 
sizesize of the storageSZAmount 
containsKeyCallsCalls to containsKey methodCKCAmount 
containsKeyHitsCalls to containsKey method that returned not nullCKHAmountReason: Calls to containsKey method are expensive, its good to monitor them and their success.
containsValueCallsCalls to containsValue methodCVCAmount 
containsValueHitsCalls to containsValue method that returned not nullCVHAmountReason: Calls to containsValue method are VERY expensive, its good to monitor them and their success.
missedGets RatiomissedGets/getsmG RRatio, 0..1Calculated
hitGets Ratio(gets-missedGets)/getshG RRatio, 0..1Calculated
overwritingPut RatiooverwritePuts/putsoP RRatio, 0..1Calculated
newPuts Ratio(puts-overwritePuts)/putsnP RRatio, 0..1Calculated
noopRemoves RationoopRemoves/removesnoRM RRatio, 0..1Calculated
PutGet Ratioputs/getsPG RRatio,Calculated, if >1 you are putting more elements than you read, this can be unhealthy.
PutRemove Ratioputs/removesPRM RRatio, Calculated, if >1 you are putting more elements than you remove, this can be a memory leak.
containsKeyHitRatecontainsKeyHits/containsKeyCallsCK HRRatio, 0..1Calculated
containsKeyValueRatecontainsValueHits/containsValueCallsCV HRRatio, 0..1Calculated


Counters are basically lightweight producers. Extremely lightweight producers. The have one or multiple dimensions, where each dimension means one stat value. All Counters extend net.anotheria.moskito.core.counter.GenericCounterStats.