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When displayed simultaneously, multiple charts may coincide or simply hide each other.
We recommend using Combine and normalize Display Mode (see Display Modes and Chart Types paragraph).




When viewing accumulator charts, you may select different Display Modes and Chart Types for  for your convenience. The controls are located at the bottom of accumulator list.

To change Display Mode or Chart Type: check the needed Mode or Type radio button (bottom of accumulator list)


Image Removed
Display ModeDisplays...Example
Combinemultiple curves within one chart (axis), with no additional graphical rendering
Combine and normalizemultiple curves within one chart (axis), compacted for viewing convenience
Multiple Graphsevery curve as a separate chart (within different axis)
Chart TypeDisplays data as...Example
Lineline chartImage Removed
Piepie chartImage Removed
Barbar chartImage Removed
Columncolumn chart