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Management webui for registry and es registry.


Realized in 1.0.5

The webui should be capable of following:

For the registry

Currently the registry can be access by http://localhost:9229/distributeme/registry/list (or your url)

and contains following information:

Code Block
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <service serviceId="org_distributeme_test_echo_EchoService" host="" port ="9252" protocol ="rmi" instanceId ="izempveqqj" globalId ="rmi://org_distributeme_test_echo_EchoService" registrationString ="rmi://org_distributeme_test_echo_EchoService.izempveqqj@"/>

This is handy for programs but unhandy for users.

  • Human friendly display
  • remove entry
  • add entry manually (registration string is sufficent)
  • lookup entry - enter the interface into an entry field and display the results of the lookup command.
  • Ping one - execute a ping on a service
  • Ping ALL - ping all registered services and display results (keep in mind timeouts)
  • reenter entry - moves an entry on top of the list (by registering it a new and removing - this is useful if one wants to switch the order of the entries)
  • rename / edit entry - rename the registration name, this allows for an instance to be accessable under different name.
  • duplicate entry.
  • provide info - reads all information about running interfaces etc, via lifecycle management in the remote service - TBD further.