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Hidden (or undocumented) features

Table of Contents

Those features aren't hidden, because someone hides them, but simply because there is no nice frontend to activate them.

Force interval update

in moskito-webui call

http://host:port/context/mui/mskForceIntervalUpdate?pInterval=<name> to force an interval update.
example: http://host:port/context/mui/mskForceIntervalUpdate?pInterval=5m

Select normalization parameter for accumulator charts

If you place multiple accumulators on a single chart you have the normalization option (checkbox).

This is useful if the values of the both lines have a huge difference and are not presentable on a single chart. Example:

without normalization:

with normalization

Now the default range which is used for normalization is 0:100. However, you can specify the normalization base parameter (by simply applying &normalizeBase=<value> to the url) to select
another value

settings normalization base to another value:

Select max values parameter for accumulator charts

Sometimes less is more and therefore (poetic, hugh?(smile)) you can select another max number of presented values in accumulator by simply submitting
maxValues parameter in the url. The default is as much as there are which is 200 to 220.


Sorting of duplicates in Journeys

In the journey call presentation the duplicate calls are recognized and presented (since 1.4.7). The defaut sorting for the duplicates is ascending by call name. However, it is possible to change it via url parameter:



Parameter nameValueDefault


Options to sort by

SortBy ValueCorresponding value
1call alphanumerical
2number of repetitions
3timespent in calls (netto duration)
4duration in calls (brutto duration)


Thread History Features

Start a test thread

Call url: mskThreadsStartTestThread to start a new thread that sleep of an amount of time, which is slightly bigger than the history update. This is 1 minute per default.

Set the number of elements in the history

Call url mskThreadsSetHistoryListSize?pSize=<new size> to set the history size. Default is 1000 elements. Beware, that too big history eats up all memory.