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  • New configuration name for the default (file system based) persistence for the security box storage: ano-access-fs-security-box-persistence-service-config.json

  • New configuration for the AccessService cache: ano-access-cache.json

  • Internal AccessService cache now use moskito for statistic logging
  • AccessService instance now can be configured via MetaFactory
  • SecurityBoxStorageService instance (internal AccessService storage) can be configured via MetaFactory, without configuration default implementation will be used

  • Extension.CRUD_LEFT and Extension.CRUD_RIGHT added for possibility to configure DualCrud persistence inside SecurityBoxStorageService with required Crud services, currently only CRUD_LEFT used
  • SecurityBoxPersistenceService instance (internal SecurityBoxStorageService persistence) can be configured via MetaFactory, without configuration default (file system based) implementation will be used

  • AccessService interface extended to have possibility for reset current configuration at all and for some SecurityObject
  • Many JavaDoc and CheckStyles fixes and some optimisations
  • General project and code refactoring and cleanup