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The benefits of exposing DistributeMe service using JSON is that it be more easily to do tunneling then RMI.

The flow of exposing service can be as following:

Communication flow:

A) Client look up Registry for target service;

B) Registry return target service descriptor;

C) Client uses service descriptor details to connect HTTP endpoint and send JSON request;

D) Service generate JSON response and send to client;

E) Client connect HTTP service endpoint using existing reference;

F) Serivce generate JSON response and send it back to client;

In this case standalone service should act as HTTP endpoint to handle JSON calls.


As basis for communication JSON-RPC standard could be used.

More details at:


Following HTTP server implementations can be used as embedded HTTP server:

  1. JDK 1.6 Embedded HTTP server
    Used in JaxWS endpoint implementation.
  2. Jetty
    Can be used as Servlet container

Following JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation could be used.



JSON-RPC prototype described here