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<Logger name="org.moskito" level="ERROR" additivity="false">
            <AppenderRef ref="MOSKITO"/>

<Logger name="net.anotheria" level="ERROR" additivity="false">
            <AppenderRef ref="MOSKITO"/>

Can I monitor multiple webapps in same tomcat instance and how.

For embedded integration it was always possible, since MoSKito is integrated into the target webapp.

For remote integration it is was not possible because each webapp would need an rmi port, and it was not possible to specify a different port per webapp. 

It became possible with version 2.7.4, as fix of:  

Jira OpenSource JIRA
Jira OpenSource JIRA

So to enable it you will need:

  1. Update to 2.7.4 (or above)
  2. Add following to your web.xml (different port for every web.xml of course, port 9450 is just an example).

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