Welcome to MoSKito-Control Confluence Space!

MoSKito-Control is a tool for monitoring performance of multi-node web applications.

Within this Confluence space, you will find the general info about MoSKito Control, its Deployment and User Guides.


Anotheria Team

About MoSKito-Control

What's here:
docs to help you learn what is MoSKito-Control and how it works.

MoSKito-Control Overview

Start working

What's here:
guides to set up MoSKito-Control.

MoSKito-Control Quick Setup Guide

Guides and Manuals

MoSKito-Control WebApp User Manual

is a guide to the WebApp's user interface.

MoSKito-Control REST Interface

is a description of REST API for using MoSKito-Control data in external applications

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