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This page contains the list of items on the RoadMap for MoSKito Central.


Solr/Mongo Integration

In order to be able to provide possibilities to query the collected performance data we want to integrate solr as storage. This will give us the advantage to provide ability to execute queries on the central (within the embedded solr) at runtime.


  • Queryable schema, one collection 
  • Backup re-importable storage. 
  • Mini-interface to create and fire queries. 


Standalone, Queryable Rest Interface. 

Central can be run as webapp and offers a rest interface for updates over http. 

However, we want to provide a second rest interface to obtain general information about product status, configuration and health, as well as a possibility to query the embedded solr server (see previous story). 

The query api should provide possibility to request following information

  • Search component by name, host, category, subsystem
  • Retrieve available components, hosts, producers.
  • Retrieve available producers for host or component.
  • Retrieve snapshots by a time interval.
  • Retrieve snapshots by component, host, producer, interval (or combinations of parameters)
  • Retrieve timeline for a producer, component, host, interval, time-interval, stat value. 



For the data that I am able to retrieve in previous story, I would like to generate charts on the fly. Basically I want to use same (or similar) interface like in Queryable Rest Interface story for timelines, but instead of data I want to have charts. 



I want to integrate OpenTSDB as Storage. See for details.


I want to integrate graylog as transfer protocol (Connector).



NameJIRARelease VersionNotes

MSKCENTRAL-1 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Mongo Integration

MSKCENTRAL-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Queryable Interface

MSKCENTRAL-3 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Charts MSKCENTRAL-4 - Getting issue details... STATUS   









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