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MoSKito is an open source system for monitoring Java web applications.

With MoSKito, you may:

          • collect, store and analyse any type of performance data (MoSKito-Essential), 
  • create personalised storage for the collected data (MoSKito-Central), 
  • effectively monitor multi-node applications (MoSKito-Control).

In fact, MoSKito is a complete system kit for DevOps (as well as classical Devs and Ops) who care about performance of their web apps.

On this Confluence Space, you will find all the existing MoSKito documents. Browse the sections below, navigate the Confluence sidebar or use Search to find the documents you currently need.


Anotheria Team

MoSKito Projects and Components

Within MoSKito system, we differentiate between projects and components:

  • Projects can be released as standalone applications,
  • Components are parts (modules in maven sense) of a project.

Every section below represents an existing MoSKito Project.


is the heart of MoSKito framework, a system kit for web application monitoring.

MoSKito-Essential is enough to watch a single-node (having one JVM) application. With MoSKito-Essential, you may collect the widest range of performance data, store some of that data and instantly analyse it.

MoSKito-Essential section


is a centralised data storage server for keeping performance snapshots, taken by MoSKito.

MoSKito-Essential monitors here and now, without storing the collected data. With MoSKito-Central, you may setup a local data warehouse, the way you need, and store performance snapshots perfectly organised.

MoSKito-Central section


is a tool for monitoring multi-node web applications, managing info from multiple MoSKito instances.

MoSKito-Control is a 'control centre' for your distributed app: it gathers info from multiple MoSKito instances and displays the health state of the whole application, as a sum of its components.

MoSKito-Control section

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