Decorators are created to unite producers by their functional type: one decorator is used by producers that collect and display similar kind of information. Decorators are configured to display certain data for those producers they unite.

In MoSKito WebUI, the decorators are responsible for rendering (drawing) the expandable sections with the specified producer info inside. 


Enhanced by MoSKito. When refering to an application it means that the application is being monitored by MoSKito. When refering to a StatsProducers, it means a piece of code that has been monitored by MoSKito, either by CDI Decorators, AOP Proxy, Java Proxy etc.


Something that produces usage stats, either by collecting, measuring or just guessing.


Statistics (values) that are being collected.


A copy of a stats object at the end of an interval.


A collector utility that is attached (tied) to a statsproducer. Currently supported tieables are Accumulators and Thresholds. 


a path along a specific call tree. If
Service A has a method foo() which it self either
calls or, dependent on some
inner constraints, there are two possible use
cases in -> and

Monitoring Journey

A collection of subsequently executed calls, each of them recorded as a use-case (among all monitoring stations).

Monitoring Station / Point

A producer that is passed during call processing. It can (but must not) be a method or annotation or something else. It performs measures and shows up in the use cases.

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