After reading this section, you will know...

...  how to get access to MoSKito:

  1. via Maven, or
  2. by getting the source code.
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Links to MoSKito resources:


Working with MoSKito via Maven

Maven users can get MoSKito by simply defining it as a dependency in the pom.xml. 

The pom.xml of MoSKito Demo Project on GitHub is a very good reference for working via Maven.

Include repository

We have our own repository (nexus), include it to your Maven settings or proxy by your repository.

In Maven case, the settings part is the following:



In case you use a proxy, simply use the proxy-address below:

Define dependencies

The currently released versions of MoSKito components are:



Getting MoSKito Source Code

MoSKito-Essential Project is hosted on GitHub:


We are sorry, but we had to remove ivy support.

Next Steps

You've got MoSKito via Maven or by source code.

With this, you can collect performance data from your application, but cannot view it. To see the data, you'll need MoSKito-Inspect, MoSKito's embedded web interface.

So, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Embed MoSKito-WebUI into a Maven.built war
  2. Embed Moskito-WebUI into your application


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