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CURRENT - 2.7.9 - Started 13 APR 2017

  • MSK-420  Dashboard reload bug: wrong gauge display
  • MSK-421 Dashboard reload bug: wrong threshold display


2.7.8 -  13 APR 2017 (Easter Release)


2.7.7 - 08 FEB 2017

  • MSK-347 Ability to send charts by email.
  • MSK-412  Add Accumulators to the producer page - whenever a producer page is shown, where there is an accumulator configured and associated with this producer, this accumulator will be shown on the producer detail page.
  • MSK-411  Add Thresholds to the producer page - whenever a producer page is shown, where there is a threshold configured and associated with this producer, this threshold will be shown on the producer detail page.
  • MSK-413  Creation of new accumulator or threshold from producer page should remain on producer page
  • MSK-414  Allow developer to change the name of the stat as shown in annotation for classes
  • MSK-392  Allow dashboards to reload its content automatically without triggering a page reload.


2.7.6 - 14 SEP 2016


2.7.5 - 31 MAI 2016

  • Removed dependency to ano-web, migrated VersionUtil from ano-web to moskito
  • MSK-372   Add accumulator annotations similar to @Accumulate for AOP to CDI
  • MSK-375  Journey Config not serializable / github#100
  • Extended support for plugins.
  • Upgrade to DistributeMe 2.3.0


2.7.4 - 25 APR 2016

  • MSK-363  Dashboard won't show if a configured accumulator is not yet present.
  • MSK-324  monitoring of multiple web-apps in same tomcat.
  • MSK-369  Add CDI tracing support
  • MSK-371  MSK-371 add journey auto-tracing to ServiceStatsCallHandler


2.7.3 - 13 APR 2016

  • MSK-362
  • MSK-361
  • MSK-290
  • Fixed unzipping of accumulators archive for offline charts.
  • Tracers now use one journey per producer. 
  • Added direct jump into traced call from tracer in the frontend.


2.7.2 - 24 MAR 2016

  • MSK-326 Sorting in a single producer view includes cumulated
  • MSK-359 Make it possible to download accumulators / charts as pictures (zip or not).
  • MSK-360  Tracers should automatically record a journey for all calls after passing the tracer.

2.7.1 - 06 MAR 2016

  • MSK-352  Accumulators with more than standard amount of values do not work in remote mode

  • MSK-353  Dashboards: incorrect names are shown in remote mode

  • MSK-358  MoSKito 2.7.1 - SNAPSHOT doesn't show version in the Inspect UI 

  • MSK-277  Generate Offline Accumulator Charts

  • Fixed problems with MoSKito REST Interface due to JSONArray in MultilinechartAO. 

  • GitHub pull request

  • Updated anotheria parent to 2.7 (newer findbugs and pmd versions)

  • MSK-351  Disk Space Plugin (beta)


2.7.0 - 30 OCT 2015

  • MSK-349  Move decorators to moskito-cores

This release got a major release number because it can break existing installations. Some artifacts have been moved between modules and package name changed. 2.6.x clients won't work with 2.7.0 agent (core) in remote mode.

2.6.4 - 29 OCT 2015

  • MSK-348 Fixed @Accumulates annotation for methods.

2.6.3 - 30 SEP 2015

  • Fixed duplicates in producers with filter category.
  • MSK-346  Allow decorators to be configured from outside of the code
  • Added @Accumulates annotation for multiple accumulators in one class.
  • @Accumulate now works with method. 


2.6.2 - 02 JUL 2015

  • MSK-339  Not possible to create guard with floating point value from config
  • MSK-341  Server returns error 500 
  • Added methods to create combined and normalized accumulator charts via REST API
  • Added version method to rest api.
  • Fixed error screen if a gauge is on screen that refers to yet unregistered producer (NoSuchProducerException)


2.6.1 - 24 MAI 2015

  • MSK-328  Tracing prototype.
  • MSK-329  Provide configuration for tracing
  • MSK-330  Tracing: Logging
  • MSK-334  Show Producer link doesn't work
  • MSK-333  Tracedetails (stacktraces) should be on/off extendable on click
  • MSK-322  confirmation message on accumulator/threshold creation
  • MSK-336  Improve CDI integration
  • MSK-241  Allow customers to set their own logo
  • MSK-337  Allow accumulators to be configured via annotations

2.6.0 - 29 APR 2015

MoSKito 2.6.0 features a refactored new REST API in MoSKito Inspect component. It allows now also full access to gauges, dashboards and producers: MoSKito Inspect REST API


  • MSK-320  MoSKito Inspect fails in undefined state if a connected service throws an error
  • MSK-312  Add rest methods for dashboards 
  • MSK-316  Refactor rest api to be "restier"
  • MSK-286  MoSKito Inspect doesn't manage a reconnect for "Quick Connect" connections
  • MSK-323 Allow webui to filter-out some producers 
  • MSK-325 Allow gauges to define custom zone



2.5.9 - 08 APR 2015

This is an urgent bugfix release on user request. It only contains following two fixes. 

Release 2.5.8 was broken and shouldn't be used.


  • MSK-321  Accumulator Sets don't work with remote instances
  • MSK-319  Gauges/Dashboards with Gauges do not work over RMI



2.5.7 - 31 MAR 2015

  • Gauges
  • Minor fixes in charting


2.5.6 - 27 FEB 2015

  • MSK-138  Accumulators: possibility to change the order of charts
  • MSK-313  Implement dashboard view in inspect
  • MSK-314  Add tooltips to threshold views in dashboard with full name
  • MSK-311  Add configuration for dashboards
  • MSK-301  REST API XML: thresholds/alerts
  • MSK-300  REST API XML: accumulators/list
  • MSK-305  In accumulator view, on mouse over the selected line should be highlighted


2.5.5 - 18. JAN 2015

Introduction of d3 as main and default graphing framwork

  • MSK-266 Charts in jqplot are broken (Producers page) 
  • MSK-268 New Feature: AccumulatorSets (Preconfigured Sets of Accumulators for easy accessibility.
  • MSK-283 Support for JavaScript Measurements: PageLoad Speed
  • MSK-291 Accumulators - choose Mode / settings will lost after usage 


2.5.4 - 29. OCT 2014

  • MSK-303 Provide a RollingOnDemandStatsProducer which can 'forget' not used entries and only uses most interesting stats.
  • MSK-304 LOG Spam in BaseShowProducersAction fixed


2.5.3 - 17. OCT 2014

  • MSK-299 Thresholds/statuses.
  • MSK-285 Accumulators won't work before first accessed via API.
  • MSK-276 Chart for CPU in Inspect (previously WebUI)
  • MSK-294 Show connected Host in the topline of the frontend.
  • MSK-297 Support for generic IStatsProducer-decorators
  • MSK-302 Allow Journey to be triggered via HttpHeader 


2.5.2 - 11. SEP 2014

  • MSK-287 MoSKito Inspect can't connect to MoSKito Core through firewall with RMI. 
  • MSK-288  Producers page won't load due to missing jqplot script.
  • MSK-282

This was mainly an improvement release for users affected by MSK-287.


2.5.1 - 15. AUG 2014

  • MSK-143  Support for TreeMap in Storages.
  • MSK-269 Allow the user to define the text of the notification message.
  • MSK-273  Custom properties for notification providers.
  • MSK-274  Support for SMS Notification Providers.
  • MSK-278  ProducerRegistryAPI: after initial cache construction producers aren't properly unregistered
  • MSK-279  Category/Subsystem selectors are not sorted


2.5.0 - 27. MAI 2014

  • MSK-220  WARN in logs if the name has been null.
  • MSK-219 Provide separate artifacts for integration of webui and inspect in standalone and embedded mode
  • MSK-228 Rename moskitominimal artifact to moskito-inspect-standalone
  • MSK-229 Thresholds edit/delete links are on same position
  • MSK-232 Provide a title handling mechanism.
  • MSK-208 SingleProducerViewPage
  • MSK-207 Thresholds Page
  • MSK-216 Move MailNotification provider in notificationproviders package
  • MSK-225 Start/Initial page
  • MSK-200 MBeans view
  • MSK-203 Help page
  • MSK-198 ThreadsHistory
  • MSK-197 ThreadsDump
  • MSK-196 ThreadsList
  • MSK-199 ConfigView
  • MSK-184 MoSKito Inspect Design/HTML
  • MSK-195 ThreadsOverview
  • MSK-242 MoSKito improvements
  • MSK-243 Thresholds link
  • MSK-251 Dont show journeys box, if no journes are yet recorded.
  • MSK-258 Journeys: duplicates view is disabled - reenable
  • MSK-194 Analyze journey view
  • MSK-202 Update view
  • MSK-157 Chart types that are different from linear don't work
  • MSK-263 Broken interface + error
  • MSK-257 Error on thresholds edit elements
  • MSK-254 Open and close jorneys
  • MSK-252 Scrolling problems
  • MSK-246 Too much free space
  • MSK-249 Cannot select graph type
  • MSK-259 How do delete recorded jorney?
  • MSK-221 CallExecution should support pause/resume
  • MSK-264 Charts for Producers/Producer view don't have a title
  • MSK-201 Libs/Plugins view
  • MSK-187 Inspect Producer (can be a layer in single producer view)
  • MSK-186 SingleProducer view
  • MSK-190 Thresholds view
  • MSK-262 MoSKito encountered an error
  • MSK-210 ErrorPage
  • MSK-188 Create new thresholds/accumulator dialogs
  • MSK-189 Accumulator view
  • MSK-215 Cleanup MoSKito Dependencies
  • MSK-185 Producers Page
  • MSK-192 Journey View
  • MSK-160 Downgraded priveleged process is unable to read /proc/self/fd
  • MSK-218 Server selection is application wide and not session wide
  • MSK-222 Charts for producers/producer page
  • MSK-265 First Time opening a chart on producer page, the chart is too small.
  • MSK-193 Single Transaction in Journey View (incl tree and duplicates)
  • MSK-230 Restore Chart functionality for single producer view page
  • MSK-191 Journeys Overview
  • MSK-206 Producers Page
  • MSK-256 404 error on jorneys
  • MSK-220 If RuntimeConstants.setApplicationName isn't called a error message is printed in the logs.
  • MSK-227  Accumulators shouldn't show "chart for" box if no chart is selected (empty box)


Part of the MoSKito Inspect EPIC   MSK-183



Part of The WebUI Standalone WebApplication - EPIC  MSK-131


2.4.3 - 28 MAR 2014

  • Added moskito-extensions module.
  • Added moskito-notificationproviders module.
  • Added support for MailGun (as notification provider).
  • MSK-155  - ehcache monitoring support added. 
  • MSK-158
  • MSK-160  - Builtin producers can now be switched off by configuration.

2.4.2 - 17 FEB 2014

  • MSK-153  Fixed: Counters statistics is empty in moskito-central

  • MSK-156  BugFix: Performance problems with stackoverflow in accumulators. 


2.4.1 - 23 DEC 2013

  • Fixed broken charts in single producer view.
  • Cleanup some unused js files.
  • MSK-133  Fixed ordering in web-fragments, moskito-web, webui and webui-jersey (needed for proper validation in glassfish etc)
  • MSK-141  Fixed: Accumulators contain no value if config exists but doesn't specify accumulationAmount

2.4.0 - 02 DEC 2013

  • Fixed not centered chart view in single producer view.
  • MSK-112  Added support for Servlet 3.0 kind of configuration via web-fragment
  • MSK-112  Moved Jersey Config to a separate artifact: moskito-webui-jersey.
  • MSK-121  Added flip count to thresholds.
  • MSK-122  (charts)

2.3.2 - 11 November 2013


2.3.1 - 03 September 2013

  • Updated ano- dependency to log4j-free versions. 
  • Fixed problems with chart display on https:// protected pages with chrome and firefox 23.x

2.3.0 - 18 August 2013

2.2.6 - 14 June 2013

2.2.3-2.2.5 minor releases

Those were minor releases with smaller improvement and bugfixes for 

  • Added SourceIpSegmentFilter, AsyncSourceTldFilter and SourceTldFilter to separate traffic by client ip segment (class A) or domain.
  • Added Central connectors: RESTConnector and DiMeCentralConnector, endpoints for connectors: RestEndpoint and RMIEndpointService. Added possibility to build different Central jars: war for Central REST endpoint and executable jar for Central DiMe service.
  • Added Central PSQLStorage.
  • and more

2.2.2 - 28 MAR 2013

  • MSK-91  - Plugins
  • MSK-90  - Plugins
  • Central: Serializer: CSVSerializer, GsonSerializer
  • Central: CSVFileStorage, FileSystemStorage.
  • Central: Connectors: EmbeddedConnector.

2.2.1 - 18 MAR 2014

  • MSK-90  - Quickfix for JBoss

2.2.0 - 14 MAR 2013

  • Cleanup old unused experimental code (dashboard).
  • Added more section.
  • Added MBean view.
  • Added generic-mbean-producers
  • Added Update check.
  • Added Lib listing. 
  • MSK-89

2.1.6 - 09 MAR 2013

2.1.5 - 25 FEB 2013

2.1.4 - 11 FEB 2013

  • added servername to standard webui footer
  • replaced synchronization in OnDemandStatsProducer with ConcurrentMap in order to improve performance (creation of new case). 
  • added more built-in ThreadState accumulators and 1min REQ/AVG/TIME URL accumulators.

2.1.3 - 24 JAN 2013

  • Removed String getValueByNameAsString(String valueName, String intervalName, String timeUnit); from StatsMXBean.
  • Fix of non implemented String toStatsString(String aIntervalName, TimeUnit unit) method in GenericCounterStats (can be used tor write counter stats to log).
  • Added new filter for debug diagnostics. DebugRequestFilter dump out to sysout all headers, parameters and attributes of request, session id and session's attributes if url have a special parameter mskDiagnosticsDebugRequest.

2.1.2, 2.1.1 - 07 DEC 2012

  • Added configuration for Accumulators
  • Added ThreadStateStats and builtin ThreadStateStats Producer.
  • 2.1.2 - fix for ThreadStates non working getValueByName method, which rendered all ThreadBased accumulators unuseable.

2.1.0 - 23 NOV 2012

  • AOP: Removed @MonitorClass, @MonitorMethod and @DontMonitorMethod, added @Monitor (for both method and class) and @DontMonitor for methods instead.
  • AOP: Refactored package names and structure
  • DEMO: Moved moskitodemo to github:

2.0.2 - 21 NOV 2012

  • Added Counters (
  • Added @Count AOP and CDI annotations
  • Further cleanup of the dependencies, it should be possible now to build moskito from scratch without anotheria nexus involved.
  • Improved CDI annotations and interceptors, allowed ability to customize category/subsystem/producerId.
  • Improvements in core, more things generic now.
  • Reducing memory footprint by reusing factory instances.


  • Fixed dependencies to ano* 1.x libs.


  • Renamed package to net.anotheria.moskito
  • IStatsProducer made generic
  • Added edit in WebUI for Thresholds.
  • Removed Charts from WebUI.
  • Added general configuration to moskito core and made many implicit settings configurable.
  • Added AlertDispatcher and configurable NotificationProviders for Thresholds
  • Added LogFileNotificationProvider, MailNotificationProvider, SyserrNotificationProvider, SysoutNotificationProvider
  • Added quick link to start a new journey from interface


ChangeLog 1.x Branch

1.6.3 - 

  • Fixed class name in case of CDI proxies in Journey

1.6.2 - 02 OCT 2012

1.6.1 - 24 SEP 2012

  • Autoreload function for Thresholds and Accumulators.
  • MSK-66
  • MSK-67

1.6.0 - 18 SEP 2012

Generally the 1.6.0 release is a maintenance release. We moved some of the experimental stuff out of the code in svn and into the incubator, renamed some projects, reorganized others. And added moskito-minimal! More on this soon in the anotheria blog:

  • Fixed NPE in when calling a non-existing producer
  • Upgraded to ano-maf 1.3.0 and added error page and error handling.
  • Added moskito minimal, a simple webapp to start with moskito.
  • MSK-62
  • MSK-64
  • MSK-65
  • MSK-63

1.5.1 - 02 SEP 2012

  • fixed some minor typos.
  • added confirmation for threshold deletion  MSK-58
  • added confirmation for accumulator deletion  MSK-54
  • added creation of accumulators on the fly
  • added creation of thresholds on the fly
  • added csv export to accumulators overview and single accumulators view  MSK-56

1.5.0 - 17 AUG 2012

  • added functionality to detect duplicate calls in a journey step.
  • added threads section with list and dump options.
  • moskitodemo: added comment actions into monitoring.

  • added threadhistory 

1.4.5, 1.4.6 - 02 JULY 2012

1.4.4 - 26 JUNE 2012

  • small bug fix that fixes the initial size of the graph layer.
  • MethodCallAspect rewritten, added support for journeys, per class producers and changed advice from call to execution.

1.4.3 - 23 JUNE 2012


  • changed default on-the-fly graph size to 1200x600 instead of 600x300 (Producers). 

  • added general configurability of the webui by mskwebui.json
  • added filtering of producers
  • added single accumulator link, added accumulator data as json (preparation for moskito ui 1.1)


  • Added support for multiple graphs on one page for accumulators.
  • Added support for additional graph types: pie, line, column.


  • Test for new aggregator.


  • Added JSON and XML views for thresholds.
  • Switch to parent 1.14 (higher versions of find bugs etc)
This version got an own version number mainly because this version is minimum requirement for MoSKito iPhone App (link follows) to work.

1.3.1 - 02 MARCH 2012

  • Fixed NPE in TraceStep, startStep

1.3.0 - 24 FEB 2012

  • Renamed MonitoringSession to Journey
  • added analyze journey functionality which counts call to each producer in a journey/journey call and cumulates it by producer.
  • added trace serialization to allow distributeme to pass journeys around and to monitor through network boundaries.

1.2.0 - 19 JAN 2012

1.1.6 - 16 JUL 2011

  • core - added support for empty stat detection.
  • webui - added pFilterZero parameter to remove empty req. oriented stats from producer view.

1.1.5 - 13 MAI 2011

  • (core) Stats are automatically exposed as MXBeans via JMX.
  • (core) Thresholds are now exposed via JMX.
  • (core) Added OSStats backed by the OperatingSystemMXBean and the, added BuiltInOSProducer.
  • (core) Added RuntimeStats backed by the RuntimeMXBean, added BuiltInRuntimeProducer.
  • (core) Added support for string values.
  • (webui) added OSStatsDecorator
  • (webui) added RuntimeStatsDecorator

1.1.4 - 28 APR 2011

  • (core) added as utility class for creation of accumulators.
  • (core) added as utility class for creation of thresholds.
  • (core) RequestOrientedStats now support REQ for TR and TIME for TT as parameters in, String, TimeUnit)
  • (webui) added normalization for accumulators
  • (webui) added support for multiple accumulators in one chart

1.1.3 - 26 APR 2011

Republish of 1.1.2 with disabling pre-alpha dashboard.

1.1.2 - 26 APR 2011

First version to include accumulators and accumulated charts.

1.1.1 - 15 MAR 2011

First version to include thresholds.

1.1.0 - 11 JAN 2011

First bundled version (thank you maven) build with aggregator.
Removed support for ant.



  • 20/11/2010 - added snapshot intervals.
  • 08/08/2010 - fixed log output for min/max values in case no requests have been issued yet - RequestOrientedStats
  • 08/08/2010 - added interval update timestamp to - IntervalRegistry


  • 20/11/2010 - added support for snapshot intervals.
  • 08/08/2010 - added interval update timestamp and interval age to producers.jsp.


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