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WebUI tabs and common tasks you can perform on all of them.



WebUI functionalities (or core elements) are presented as tabs, so you can easily access them.

Tabs are:

  1. Producers,
  2. Journeys,
  3. Thresholds,
  4. Accumulators,
  5. Threads,
    1. List
    2. Dump
    3. History
  6. More
    1. Config
    2. MBeans
    3. Libs
    4. Update

Common tasks


Autoreloading (works for Thresholds and Accumulators)

By default, MoSKito-WebUI tabs are not refreshed automatically.
You will know autoreloading is set to OFF by the inactive Autoreload button.

Don't forget to reload!

If you do not set the automatic reload, you will need to manually reload the page in your browser.
Otherwise, you might see only the old monitoring result all the time, not knowing the real state of things.

Set autoreloading interval

  1. Click the Autoreload button.
  2. Type in the reload interval (in minutes).
  3. Click Set or hit Enter on your keyboard.

After the refresh interval is set, the Autoreload button:

  • becomes active (shows the green indicator), 
  • displays the update interval (for example, 5 for 5 minutes).

Disable autoreloading 

  1. Click the Autoreload button.
  2. Click Off.

Export data

Supported formats: XML, JSON, CSV.

  1. Click the Export link.
  2. Choose between XMLJSON or CSV links and: 
    1. click a link to display the exporting data in your browser.
    2. right-click and select Save Link As... to save exported data as a file.

View help

Click the Help link to view the help page.

The help page explains abbreviations, used for Stats on Producers tab.

Help pages are available for MoSKito-WebUI tabs (Producers, Thresholds, Accumulators and others) and decorators, located within the Producers tab. 
When you click the Help link, MoSKito checks the current section and automatically shows the needed help content.

The help page is not a manual or user guide.
For MoSKito manuals, go to MoSKito documentation page. 

Automatic names for new accumulators and thresholds

Every new accumulator or threshold should have a unique name.

By default, a new entry will be named new-entry-<number> (like new-Accumulator), where number will be simply increasing with each new entry.
Still, we recommend assigning a name that is convenient for you, so that you could easily separate one entry from another.

If you create an accumulator or threshold with an already existing name, it will be renamed to yet unused name with a -<number> as suffix.



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