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Since now configureMe support JMX mBeans, which provide information about project configuration files.

Supported mBeans:

WatchedConfigFilesProvides the ability to view in current project list of all configuration files, which are watched.

This type of mBean created for each config and contains config file name, map of attributes, which used by default environment.

Also contain method, which show config content.

mBean class structure:


field namedescription
configNamesset of configuration files names
method namedescription
getConfigNames()get from ConfigurationSourceRegistry all sourceKeys, convert to set of configuration files names and return it


field namedescription
configNameconfiguration file name
method namedescription
getConfigName()return configuration file name
showContent()return content of current configuration file
getAttributes()return map of attributes, which used by default environment
setAttributeValue(attrName, attrValue)set new value for attribute in defaultEnvironment
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