2.3.5 - SNAPSHOT

  • just started...

2.3.4 - 2016 AUG 23

  • Jersey version changed to 1.18.1


2.3.3 - 2016 AUG 8


2.3.2 - 2016 APR 29

  • CONFIGUREME-22 - Included attributes are resolved dynamically. 



  • ...

2.3.0 - 2013 AUG 22

2.1.1 - 2013 AUG 18

  • CONFIGUREME-11 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • fixed exception that prevented configurationmanager from starting if it can't register mbean due to lack of permissions

2.1.0 - 2013 AUG 05

  • enhance FileLoader to make it possible to have the configuration outside of your classpath. Use a system property 'configureme.external-configuration.[CONFIG-KEY]=[MY_PATH]' to enable this.
  • changed configuration of external file to external folder (path). so from now on, you can setup an external folder as configuration file container instead of having all that stuff directly in classpath. this could be useful in some rare cases where changing classpath is not an option or if you want to fix a configuration which is bundled within a 3'rd party JAR-file. now you can overwrite such configurations in your own fashion.
  • mBeans support

2.0.1 - 2012-NOV-18

Cleanup of dependencies, allowing to build ConfigureMe completely without anotheria nexus where org.json dependency was stored.

  • Change dependency to org.json to 20090211 because its available in central
  • Added exclusion to ano-util dependencies.
  • Remove ano-nexus from the pom.

2.0.0 - 2012-NOV-08

First version to be published in central, still same feature set as in 1.1.3. 

We decided to make a major release of all artifacts to have a clean maven repo in central, where all artifacts depend on artifacts that are already in central, therefor 2.* artifacts of ano-opensource is the central published line (except ano-doc/site (wink)


Attempts to publish in central.


  • Fix issue with configuration of inner config with "@ConfigureAlso" for several environments.
  • Splitted include example to 3: includes, links, ConfigureAlso for better understanding.


  • Added opportunity to include one json configurable file into another one
  • Added opportunity to link values from another configuration json to the attribute.
  • Added new annotation "@ConfigureAlso" to configure config that is a field at the another config with out formal call of configuration manager
  • Added examples for new featured and for variables (properties)


  • Support for System properties - ${PROPERTY} in config files.



  • Simple type arrays configuration support


  • Support for configuration out of jar files (config files contained in jar files).
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